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you don't need to lose anymore weight... sure.
18 January 2007 @ 05:22 pm
1/2 bar = 50 cals
wow cow = 40 cals
2/3 nurigrain = 80 cals (170)
2/3 biscotti = 120 (290)
soy crisps = 100
soup = 100 (490)
apple = 45 (540)

sandwich + salad = 260

breakfast = 200

total: 1000 (!)

ok... so... slight midday binge... 200 cals after my workout, hoodia for the rest of the night, and then i'm done.

thursday total, if no slips: 1200.
you don't need to lose anymore weight... sure.
02 January 2007 @ 10:49 am
iread the sonoma diet book yesterday, and have come up wtih some sort of new year's diet that takes my favorite parts of what i learned from south beach (like ricotta creams) and my favorite parts of sonoma(although i had to go to a chinese lunch for new years that didn't let me follow it, but oh well). relatively low carb without being too stingy on carbs for breakfast. anyway, this is what i have eaten so far:

1 cup puffins cereal = 120
milk = 40
fresh mozzerella = 160
cherry tomatoes
south beach lunch = 220
1 cup fat free ricotta = 90
then, dinner will be some kind of grilled meat and a big salad
my snack after my after dinner workout later might be a protein shake (i need to get some tofu for that)

workout: 45 mins of cardio, plus 200 situps/30 push ups/100 squats
abs: 25 of each
vertical leg cruches
right side
left side
butterfly kicks
leg lifts
out and over

i just spent 8 days in pittsburgh with my boyfriend, and it was wonderful fun, but i gained some weight without being to exercise every day and being able to choose my foods (a lot of times his mom cooked, and i just had to eat it or look like a total bitch). anyway, i have a little over 2 weeks before classes begin, and i'm just looking to make some basic progress. starting tomorrow, i need to start measuring my waist every day- i'm too scared to get on a scale right now, i think it would throw me into deep depression.

the worst part is that i didn't need to gain anymore weight- i gained weight during finals because all i did was study (no time to workout) and i binged because of the stress LIKE WOAH. so, pretty much, i'm physically a wreck right now.
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you don't need to lose anymore weight... sure.
19 December 2006 @ 01:13 pm
enlgish muffin = 120
egg = 30
smart balance = 40

muffin = 150
apple = 45

thai basil chicken (280)
1/2 c rice (120)

next snack: around 4 pm
w/o: gym (45) + weight training
you don't need to lose anymore weight... sure.
13 December 2006 @ 06:41 pm
today has been exceedingly... interesting. so far:
subway = 200

salad w/ meat and cheese = 200

rice cake chips = 140

cereal = 150

ceasar salad = ??

3 small bites of pastry = ??

clearly, i need to change things.

1. eat 6 times a day, regularly
2. more protein!
3... i'll find more stuff to improve.
you don't need to lose anymore weight... sure.
02 August 2006 @ 11:34 pm
goals for tomorrow:
wake up at 7
go to dunken to get iced coffee
practice some horn
cycling at 9?
go to lee outlets; stop by tysons on the way
pack lunch: salad
you don't need to lose anymore weight... sure.
29 June 2006 @ 01:49 pm
friends only...

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